BusinessCode designs database web applications for optimal support of the business processes of its customers.

BCD-UI Open Source

BCD-UI Community Edition:
The BCD-UI library is now open source on GitHub

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Individual Software:
Developed in Germany, globally used.

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BCD Suite

Excellent Technology:
Start with advance and complete iteratively.

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(JavaScript / JSP / Java)


Fits Perfectly

Partner of IT:
Where standards reach the limits.

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Software AG Innovation Day:
Software is eating the world (Zitat von Marc Andreessen).

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Shadow IT:
BCD-Cel to combine flexibility with security

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Performance of IT:
and proof of it is an important topic for IT management.

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Fits perfectly

Made-to-Measure: IT solutions tailored from standard components

Standard-software and -methods are reasonable: We introduce them, whenever they fit. But we aim for complex challenges. For the process of adaption: where standards reach the limits. At this point we support our customers: individual, face-to-face and productive.

With projection to the target

Nothing ‚from scratch‘. Our standard components – based on marketable computer languages and de facto standards – offer velocity and safe investment. Even more: Sub-projects and – results can quickly be realized. Or in iterative steps doing efficient adjustments.

Contributions welcome

And we are your partner. We do not only do the development. We like to talk to you: for example with all effected business departments. In this manner our experienced team consolidates all essential details and modules. And translates them together with our customers: in productive IT-solutions.


Our results are not only software solutions. They are the answer to complex challenges, which are transfered with the help of best-practices into custom-fit solutions. We do not hesitate to take an extra mile. Because the correct cut only stops when the end-service fits.

Creating innovation

Individual software development must be trained. We assure the usage of the latest technologies. But there is something more to be done: the innovative and creative finding of an approach for the correct situation in your company. That is what we aim for – with all our knowledge. Made in Germany.


In addition to the general competence to be able to incorporate us into any technical issues to the extent that we make every project a success, we have acquired additional knowledge in a number of IT-topics. Here you can benefit from years of experience that have built up our staff with little turnover.

The transfer of the technical necessities with the involvement of the feasible


Process large amounts of data quickly in order to gain new insights

Big Data

Manage coordination processes, consistency, high numbers efficiently

Reference Data Management

Visualization of data in maps is much more convenient than the usage of tables


Save existing services, create new services and add value with a service oriented architecture


In addition to the creation of the KPIs cleaning, clarification and interpretation of data is a must

Process Measurement

Insights gained from the information are introduced into the entire organization, this leads to improvement

Operational BI

Innovative technology to empower your business

Cloud Services

Important and relevant information must always be available


Correctness, accuracy and relevance of KPIs are of central importance

Business Inteligence

Trade, assistance, partial or total project leader: BusinessCode fills exactly the requirements

Project Management

End2end responsibility of our employees covers rollout and training



We focus on database-powered web applications:


BusinessCode adjusts its flexible methods to the ideas of their customers. As pieces of the puzzle we complement precisely the methodology of our customers at an optimal structure for the project success. BusinessCode works with an agil project approach:

  • Focus on customer needs

  • Short development cycles

  • Continuous communication with the people involved

  • Flexibility in the project; even if the requirements change

  • Selection of the technologies based on the given requirements

  • Missing information from internal processes or technical interfaces do not lead to a stop of the project. Instead, solutions are compiled together with the customer.




BCD-Suite is BusinessCode’s advanced software suite for building web applications working on complex data. It is in use by thousands of users every day in large companies. BCD-Suite consists of three modules:

  • BCD-UI

    – An advanced Ajax based user interface library
  • BCD-BM

    – A graphical interface for defining and implementing complex SQL root-cause logic
  • BCD-JC

    – An extendable Java job controller for loading and processing data

BCD-Suite enables you to leverage industry experience in your tailor made solutions. Built only on today’s standard technologies, once set up, your internal IT can take over support and maintenance.



BCD-UI UserInterface is a web based software library for building complex front ends, covering reporting and data entry.

The BCD-UI library is now available as an open source community edition on GitHub.

BCD-UI provides the necessary client and server components for modern browser applications ranging from heavy desktop planning tools to mobile usage.

Its pre-built artifacts are combined to produce a user friendly powerful application, supporting your business needs with up-to-date technology.

At its core it consists of components of different abstraction levels, such as application life cycle, widgets and such complex components as scorecards or editable data grids.

BCD-UI Components


Your ScoreCards cumulate the information into a set of KPIs. Together with targets, you see at a glance which areas need your attention.
Each participant in reporting sees the KPIs relevant for his or her area and a consistent drill path into lowest detail level is available.

When a KPI is not matching its expectation, i.e. it is below its target, a root cause/break-down for the KPI will provide an actionable view including an impact analysis. This root cause approach goes way beyond traditional BI, which basically leaves you without a clue about what to do. Instead, the root cause will nail down the actionable reasons behing the issues, enabling a much wider set of people to impact the ScoreCard positively than only analysts.

BCD-UI Scorecard


BCD-UI supports specialized reports without limitations for any level of user skill.
When it comes to analysts, you also have the option of creating your report on the fly in a pivot-like manner. But as opposed to what you do with a desktop spreadsheed, you can use virtually unlimitted data for this when using BCD-UI cubes without using proprietory storage.

BCD-UI’s reporting components include plain table views, tree views, drill downs, charts, etc. These views can be deployed as-is or can be specialized for improved user support.

BCD-UI Reporting

Reference Data Management

Your reference data management on complex data goes beyond simple consistency checks. Using BCD-UI you can cover complex needs for specific entry masks as well as standard structures, supporting the user directly and efficiently.

Copy-paste editabled grids allow easy exchange of data with spreadsheets. Custom wizards support complex tasks like setting up base data for logistics networks and labor management. Manual uploading bulk data in csv format allows fast data integration until automized feeds can be deployed.

BCD-UI Reference Data Management


Often data can be best visualized on maps. This is not only true when representing KPIs on a higher level to top-management

Your data on local level may need to be shown on maps to be understood. For example delivery times for a logistics provider into a country will have a typical distribution and exception in a pattern. This can be clearly visible on a map and can easily hint you to where there may be errors in the data. As you know, this is almost impossible to detect in a table view, because you lack the geo-component of the data.

BusinesCode has extensive experience in providing specialized, navigatable and even editable maps, embedded in reporting and in reference data management.

BCD-Suite Maps


Web is mobile enabled in todays world. Our components support development for all major mobile platforms in different ways. Keeping the content 1:1 can ease mobile roll-out a lot and can well be used, especially on tablets. For heavy used or complex pages, you can also create a mobile version with its own behaviour.

Our architecture is especially suited for mobile usage as our dynamic front end allows for zero time and zero network-usage switching of views when navigating between pages, that belong together. Watch yourself!

BCD-UI Mobile



BCD-BM BusinessMirror provides you with a graphical interface for defining, documenting and implementing complex business calculation logic.

Today’s business rules go way beyond simple aggregations and the process view needs to be considered. The more complex these rules are, the more expensive and error prone the implementation will be. BCD-BusinessMirror keeps your efforts and development risks at a minimum.

As opposed to many other business rule engines, BCD-BM fully relies on SQL for its tasks thereby leveraging your existing warehouse power.

BCD-BM BusinessMirror

Define your logic

The standard approach requires the business users to write down the calculation logic in their language. Often they do not fully understand or know the actual data and have no access to it. Then, developers try to understand the rules and implement them in a different language. These indirections will always lead to buggy implementations and mistrust and high testing efforts. Also it is not possible to verify the implementation in detail.

BusinessMirror’s unique approach combines documentation and implementation into one step. Business users having knowledge of the data – or supported by a developer – can define the calculation rules in a graphical flow chart. This assures same understanding and provides the documentation without additional effort. It also provides the implementation in SQL form with just a button click.

The effort of clarification round trips, implementation and testing is reduced to a minimum, often saving 80% of the costs.

BM QueryBuilder

Test and verify your logic

Debug your logic on individual process instances.
This core feature of BCD-BM is obviously important during setting up and testing the logic. But it becomes even more important when rolling out the solution to your company, when the need arises to assure that the numbers are trusted and possibly verified by other staff with appropriate knowledge.

Users of the platform get full transparency of the rules and calculations and can confirm the calculations are correct. Experience shows that after a while the usage of this feature goes down and the usage of the application goes up, because people know that the numbers are correct.

BM Debugger

BARC Guide

See the BARC guide for more information.

BARC Guide BusinessCode

BCD-BM Article BARC-Guide.pdf

PDF-Dokument [63.4 KB]



BCD-JC JobControl is an easy to extend Java framework for executing batch processes.

Combining data from various sources and of different types is one of your most difficult tasks.

Data can come from a variety of sources such as other databases, via ftp as flat files or from an online resource. Also, data needs to be cleaned, validated and verified. Calculations such as defined in the BCD-BM or in manual SQLs, are then to be applied at the data. All this needs to be executed and scheduled in a predefined order, well controled order. Exceptions need to be detected.

BCD-JC supports you by providing an extendable Java based job control framework. BCD-JC comes with predefined steps like accessing ftp, performing fastload to Teradata, extracting from Oracle or parsing .CSV files and many others.


A choice of our customers:


OPMS – central management tool for monitoring of performance IT4Business:

For several years, our customer has been undergoing a comprehensive reorganization and repositioning. In this context, the internal IT organization is being repositioned by the programme IT4Business. In addition to a redesign of the IT landscape, the systematic outsourcing of services is in the focus. The internal organization is focused on future architecture, on managing the partner and on the communication with internal customers, hence on the customers departments of the various divisions. As a central management tool, OPMS consolidates all relevant indicators of IT operations and divides them into different categories

  • quality of service
  • process compliance
  • productivity
  • costs

This information is used to monitor SLAs with internal customers and to verify the partner companies as well as to control Six Sigma projects and initiatives. Information is made available to hundreds of users in different views and different analysis tools. Besides scorecard, dashboard and analytic tools, data can also be visualized on maps, e.g. to present information about the global operation in an intuitive way.

In 2012, our customer chose BusinessCode as a partner for the implementation and operation of the application, which since then has been provided in an ASP (application service provider) model. The system accompanies and supports the reorganization and Six Sigma process within the IT organization. The reporting system has been consolidated and re-installed using the application . The savings achieved through the application of the system are estimted to be around several million Euros.

Recalls, Returns & Repairs

Nearly all industries have to face and manage recalls and returns mainly in a complex international environment. Very often it is combined with repairs on top.

Thousands of companies are impacted. A recall can risk their revenue, damage their brand and customer relationships. Logistic companies have to be prepared with an appropriate plan, expertise and systems in place to support their clients in that field.

The Challenge

One of the biggest consumer electronics companies in the world had to manage Europe’s largest recall project. Millions of coffee machines had to be collected, repaired and sent back to customers in a promised short time frame. The selected logistic company asked BusinessCode to quickly setup a solution to manage and harmonize data volume, quickly provide proper input and status reports for all project partners.

The Solution

BusinessCode with its experience could satisfy this client perfectly – and so the client his customers too. BusinessCode’s logistic knowledge and IT toolbox, together with the experience of many projects, enabled it to quickly generate value in a critical ad hoc project. In close cooperation with the customer, BusinessCode delivered a solution, which was the base to enable the customer to provide returns & repairs as standard service.

Key features:

  • Collect shipment and status data (e.g. track & trace or repair status) from diverse partners and ensure data quality
  • Support operational repair process with multiple legs
  • Include performance and management reports
  • Benchmark progress, show bottlenecks and alerts

What we have done – Express Logistic Platform

Based on international „real life“ projects in the logistics area and the expertise to handle high and complex data volumes in an unharmonized environment, BusinessCode was the right partner to transfer its knowledge into a state of the art global recall & repair solution by supporting the customer during all project stages.

End to End Support

  • System specification and architecture
  • Agile project management together with the customer to resolve complex obstacles throughout the development and focus on the key functionalities
  • Development of web application and setup of the customer’s ESB and SOA landscape from scratch


  • Encapsulation of operational legacy systems as web services
  • Business process orchestration on top of services
  • Managing the connection between all legs of the repair process (send packaging / supply, collect goods , return goods after repair)
  • Easy adoption to new business opportunities like medical express, (e.g. dry ice to doctor, who sends blood samples to a laboratory)
  • Providing multiple input channels for customers: UI, EDI & web service
  • Integrated internal and external reporting to view long time performance trends and analyze issues
  • Multi-language UI and notification messages via Email / Fax / SMS

BCD Suite

  • The user interface was developed using existing building blocks. This enabled the quick development as screens didn’t have to be built from scratch.
  • Multi-Browser support (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer)
  • Rich client behavior supporting efficient call center usage
Customers voice (Logistics CIO):
“With the expertise of BusinessCode we could manage successfully a complex and high volume ad hoc recall project within Europe. The good experiences with BusinessCode lead us to develop our standard application to manage recall and return projects.”

Our Customer, a global logistics company, manages its product offering with our complex data reference management tool. The most important data administrated are the transit times between the consignee and consignor and the respective latest pick up time to reach the planned transit time. Customers use this information to compare different carriers. Usually the carrier with the fastest transit time will be chosen. The management of this information, which is performed on individual zip code level, is one of the main tasks in a global network. More than thousand employees are involved in this task, which affects several management and function levels such as marketing, sales and operations. The system supports the management of the data and the basis workflow (approval process, 4 eyes principle, data validation versus actual transit times). BusinessCode was taken as a partner for the 5th version of this application. The task included the development of a new standard application from scratch for the global use with an innovative approach. BusinessCode could have the compatible basics to realize this requirement with their WEB 2.0 AJAX technology. The components of the application, which support the data entry and validation, are e.g.:

  • Data grids similar to excel sheets, that include copy & paste of components, filter and sorting
  • Data validation not only on level of a single component but also on different data sets
  • Access authorization on single component, column or row.
  • Data export and upload
  • Proposals to improve the data based on operational data
All these functionalities are implemented in the Web application on the client so that the user can work like in a stand-alone application. The application allows also the visualization of data using maps to easiyl identify correlation, deviations and trends that are not visible in data table immediatley. Additionally, the users are able to edit the data in the map directly. The system synchronizes the basis data view automatically. Today our complex data reference management tool is used by more than thousand users and provides data for key operational internal systems as well as for the communication with the customer. With the successful roll-out of the application various legacy systems and local governance processes could be replaced.

The Challenge

A leading express and logistics company had to redefine its approach on Performance Management after a series of mergers and acquisitions. The service quality of its offering was not satisfying and customers were complaining, central visibility on failures and improvement potentials were not available and local solutions were used in countries and regions. The setup showed the typical characteristics of a Performance Management in an early development stage (white or green belt level):

  • Manual creation of KPIs and analytical information
  • Isolated local solutions without harmonized business rules
  • Unpredictable and volatile Performance and Service Quality
  • Reactionary approach on Service Quality issues

The Solution

BusinessCode was chosen to help establishing a state-of-the-art Operations Performance Management Solution (OPMS). A first release was provided just 3 months after the start of the project. Today the solution provides KPIs and automated root cause analytics and failure allocation to a global user audience (5000 active users / 1000 daily users).

What we have done – OPMS

By applying our maturity model of Performance Management we supported the customer moving away from a fragmented white/green belt level Performance Management to a global harmonized Performance Management. The underlying system supports this approach by aligned business rules for KPIs including an automated root-cause analysis enabling self-analysis for users on all hierarchies in the company.


  • Covering all customer-2-consumer operational processes
  • System provides all elements of Performance Management
    • Scorecard & automated root cause analyses
    • Issue management / corrective action tracking
    • SLA and customer reporting
  • Used by 5000 users globally in all regions / 1000 distinct users daily
  • Information based on 3 Mio. shipments per day is provided on daily basis tailored to a user’s area of responsibility

BCD Suite

  • The BCD-UI provides all modules required for the solution like scorecard, dashboards and root-cause module.
  • BCD-BM and BCD-JC provide the mechanics to load and evaluate the data in the data warehouse.
  • The solution was developed using building blocks already available. This enabled the quick turnaround and Time-to-Market that was crucial for the successful implementation of the solution within the customer’s organization.
  • Reactionary approach on Service Quality issues

Customer’s voice (Head of Performance Management):

“With the implementation of the Operations Performance Management solution we created something completely new – a real global solution developed in an agile methodology. Just the replacement of the legacy landscape saves us millions of euros every year”
A company got confronted with the negative results from a customer satisfaction survey and therefore wanted to improve the customer service processes. Today, the customer has a complete overview over its global customer service organisation due to the performance management system BusinessCode developed. A complex system of rules has been implemented with our tool BusinessMirror. For any error the cause of the error and the responsible party is identified. This information supports the operational controlling and provides input for the continuous improvement process. Today, the customer service is an essential quality characteristic of the customer and benchmarks clearly show him as a leader in this sector.
How are costs and revenues distributed fairly among the involved partners in a Europe wide logistic network? Our customers were facing these challenges and were confronted with high manual monthly efforts and dissatisfied country organizations. The solution BusinessCode developed is based on operational data from the data warehouse and calculates the distribution of the revenue based on the individual shipment profiles. In this process a transparent rule system is applied, that considers the quality of services by applying a bonus malus system. Today, every country organization can view its financial revenues and expenses in a Cognos reporting. The bonus malus system allows to specifically control and impact the country’s performance.

The Daily Transport Monitoring (DTM) application allows staff in the gateways to maintain data about actually driven trucks including data like load level and possibly delays. This data is needed for several purposes:

  • To provide important information to the staff in the import gateways about the actually arriving time and the load factor of the trucks
  • To allow performance reports to managers about lanes
  • For the calculations in the KPI system
The DTM application is highly integrated into the Data Warehouse (DWH). This allows easily to incorporate DTM data into existing or new reports. Besides this integration DTM also provides its own KPI statistics. Thus reports restricted to DTM information can be created without access to the general reporting systems.
Customer Reporting Tool for the compliance of the service level agreements.
A global logistics company made a series of mergers and acquisitions and was afterwards missing transparency and comparability on the operational process productivity. The system developed by BusinessCode supports manual and automatic data capture of working hours and handling volumes for various operational processes and the reporting on the productivity of these processes. The objective of the application is to give visibility of the end-to-end process on facility level, to help identify opportunities for productivity improvement and to optimize resource utilization. Thereby the use of BCD-UI technology supports the integration of data capture and reporting in one single application. With this global system the customer is able to make the quality and results of the resource planning more transparent, share best practices in the organisation and optimize the productivity management.
Price Change Monitoring is in use for businesses that need to understand the gap between actual and expected price changes after a general price increase to steer specific corrective actions. There is also needed for regular monitoring of revenue impacts due to price changes not only as a one-off analysis after a price change.

Price Change Monitoring provides:

  • Automated calculation functionality of the price change impact.
  • An understanding of the cause of the variance (price or destination/weight changes).
  • Transparency of shipment profile changes triggered by the price change
The contract logistics branch of an international logistics company is implementing a comprehensive system for quality assurance and continuous improvement. The quality management module of this system provides visibility of operational Key Performance Indicators with tailored views for the local depots as well as upper management on country and regional level. The computation and display of KPIs is augmented according to BusinessCode’s operational performance management philosophy by components that enable in-depth root cause analysis up to the detail level.
How could the performance of a sales organization be reported? How could you present the results transparently and comparably in a global scale? And how do you use this for an effective controlling? For our customer we consolidated all sales KPIs for the first time into the Sales Performance & Reporting System and presented them in a hierarchical system. That allowed to integrate and combine such diverse KPIs like “Number of customer visits” or “sales trend” into one system and build an overal KPI Performance index. The global control organization has now the opportunity to be aware of problems quickly and to analyze them. Special attention was given to the visualization of the KPIs. They are displayed in maps and graphical dashboards.


Founded in 1999 BusinessCode GmbH is your competent partner for customized software in complex environments. With a team of about 20 people from different countries, we are working for international companies on advanced software solutions.

Hanno Gehron

Founder and CEO

Martin Schulze


Head of Business Development
and Account Management

Martin Bernemann


Head of Research and Development

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